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EverCool offers a full line of services including design, installation, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance. Our experience and our dedicated staff are second to none! Our service department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Guaranteed Workmanship

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Inspections & Evaluations

There are a number factors that can increase the demands on your cooling towers along with many others that can affect the actual heat transfer efficiency of your equipment. Whether the load has been increased, or your equipment is aging or exposed to an abusive environment, EverCool can help evaluate and recommend solutions to solve the problem.

We can upgrade the thermal performance of your cooling tower by applying the latest technology--technology that did not exist when your tower was first built! Upgrades include: Fans, Water Distribution Systems, Fill, Louvers, Drift Eliminators, Structural Components, and Mechanical Components.

Routine Maintenance

The original quality of your tower and timely preventative maintenance have tremendous impact on both performance and life expectancy. Whether it is small mechanical repairs, fan, shaft, bearings replacements, whole sections replacement, sump repairs or upgrading of the heat transfer media, EverCool can help realize your tower’s potential. 

Typical scopes of work EverCool performs are: total cooling tower overhaul, turn-key cooling tower replacement, Cold Water Sump Repairs / Refurbishment / Coatings / Replacement, Water Distribution Systems and Basins Repairs / Refurbishment / Upgrades / Coatings / Replacement, Heat Transfer Media Cleaning/ Upgrades / Replacement, Mechanical components (fan, shaft, bearings) replacements and upgrades, High efficiency motors / VFD and controls installation,  or Service/Safety Reviews and Recommendations.

Thermal Upgrades

High velocity air stream induced through to the cooling tower is picking up all the dust and loose debris from the adjacent areas, which is slowly accumulating in the fill and together with the material deterioration, the heat transfer capacity can be significantly reduced.

Better heat transfer = Better efficiency = More savings

Water Distribution

Central to any cooling tower’s performance is the operating condition of the heat transfer fill media. EverCool is up-to-date with all  major cooling tower manufacturers and wetdeck materials, including:  BAC, Evapco, Marley, Counterflow Design, Crossflow Design, Top supported hanging fill, Bottom supported bundled media packs, PVC, Wood, Steel, and Ceramic.

EverCool is also outfitted to refurbish the cold water sump by grinding all surfaces back down to base metal and then installing an state of the art waterproof membrane, adding thickness and, therefore, life to the existing sump panels.

Metal Fabrication

In support of our clients' needs for replacement tower parts, we fabricate a variety of cooling tower components. We're capable of producing casing panels, hot water basins, shaft arrestors, debris screens, and more.


Do not let your tower rot out. When the galvanizing goes, it is time to protect your investment by applying new coating. Or if you’d simply like  to refresh the appearance - let us discuss all the possibilities with you so that you can make an educated decision, for the most suitable application.

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